Sunday, October 9, 2011

Does Aloe Vera Help Acne - I Don't Think So

Does aloe vera help acne? Aloe Vera gel is known to have many uses. begin to heal burns, skin and even for digestive problems. It is therefore not surprising to me if many experts who say acne can be treated with Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera gel has a polysaccharide that is ideal for skin repair. But the question remains - does Aloe Vera help acne? is there any evidence has ever been successfully tried it?

Does Aloe Vera Help Acne Cure Naturally?

Yes and no. As I have said, about the Aloe Vera polysaccharides, which serve as building blocks to repair the skin. So yes, Aloe Vera can help heal acne by reducing the inflammatory process and help eliminate or minimize the scars left by acne. No, this is not a cure acne itself. As always mentioned by most experts, the acne must be cured from within, and most topical agents only treat the symptoms of acne.

Tips in using Aloe Vera to treat acne

Although acne is not curable with Aloe Vera, it does not mean make it completely unusable. It is still very effective in healing the wounds caused by acne, consider the following tips:

Does Aloe Vera Help AcneRoutine to cleanse your face with Aloe Vera products. It is best to do early morning or evening. The use of consistent and regularly makes the Aloe Vera can significantly reduce the symptoms of acne and scars. Take Aloe Vera gel and then applied topically to the acne area. Gel works well as a treatment and can reduce swelling and redness caused by acne.

Wash your face once in the morning and return at night with a facial cleanser containing Aloe Vera components. There are plenty of soap and detergents, which contain Aloe Vera in their products that you can choose, which is ideal for oily skin. If you buy a cream with Aloe Vera content, consider its composition. For treatment to be effective, must contain Aloe Vera between 95% and 100%. Under composition, the cream will not be effective.

Use a cream with Aloe Vera and acne lotion as a moisturizer. The use of moisturizing Aloe Vera products on a regular basis generally do not encourage oil production in the face.

You can also use Aloe Vera gel at night, such as face masks. Spread evenly to keep your face before bed and leave overnight. Wash in warm water in the morning after.

You may be disappointed to know that Aloe Vera does not always cure acne. But look on the bright side, at least they can help you get rid of acne scars.


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